For  Business Owners, by a Business Owner

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As an independently owned business, Blackwell Financial understands the issues and concerns business owners have in running and maintaining a profitable business.

Knowing what's important to business owners has helped us create an engagement process that addresses these concerns while allowing you to focus on what you do best.

With nearly 20 years combined of experience in the finance, real estate development and legal industry, our team has the breadth of knowledge and multi-disciplinary depth to find creative solutions for your business and ensure there are no gaps in your financial portfolio. We also welcome opportunities to work alongside the rest of your professional team such as lawyers and accountants or we can bring our own.

In addition to personal finance, we help your bottom line by offering the following services:

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  • Tax-efficient Corporate
    Investment Strategies

  • Creditor Protection

  • Key Man Protection

  • Group/Employee Benefits

  • Financial Workshops for employees

  • Professional service referrals
    (Tax and Estate, Business Accounting, Incorporation)

  • Estate Preservation

Are these areas you would like more information on? We have a brief Financial Needs Analysis you can complete to get started on adding value to your business.